Footprints of Hope

Written by: Lisa Davis

Verse One
Looking back in the past some centuries ago
When you walk through the Garden alone
You left even then your footprints of Hope
To be followed by men down the road.
Adam and Eve yes, they walked the path,
but thought that they hopelessly failed.
But you send a Saviour 4000 years later
So men, young and old now can tell of your

Footprints of hope, footprints of love
Footprints to follow when we've lost our way
Footprints of life, footprints of truth
Lord help us walk in your way
Footprints of hope, footprints of hope

Verse Two
Now when we think of that day long ago
When you hung on the cross all alone
You left even then, your footprints of hope
For a world that you love this we know
Too many time we stray from the path
You lead us right back to the way
Help us, O Lord, to keep on this narrow road
And tell others you want them walk in your

Repeat Chorus Twice

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