About Our Community Outreach Partnership

The Human Employment and Resource Training /National Service Training Agency Trust (HEART/NSTA Trust), known to most Jamaicans simply as ‘HEART’ is Jamaica’s leading human capital development agency.

For over three decades, the organization has been the largest provider of Technical Vocational Education and Training in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It focuses on practical, competency-based training which empowers individuals to transition seamlessly into real workplace scenarios.

HEART NSTA Trust exists to build and sustain a globally- competitive Jamaican labour force, responsive to the demands and complexities of the modern workplace. The organization is passionate about creating a Jamaican workforce, trained and certified at international standards, who can improve Jamaica’s national productivity and competitiveness.

In pursuit and fulfilment of its mandate, the organization continues active collaboration with the West Jamaica Conference to provide an efficient vehicle for training and certification for citizens in the communities that are served by the organization. The programmes, as outlined, will be delivered using a blended modality-online and face to face platforms and are available to all working age Jamaicans who possess a Tax Registration Number (TRN).

Additionally, organizations/firms who need upskilling and re-tooling opportunities for their staff will be facilitated under this partnership.

The programme offerings will provide the following certifications:

  • Job Certifications
  • Customized Certifications
  • NVQ-J Certifications
  • CISCO International Certifications

Applications should be submitted using the link placed on this platform. Upon receipt of same, individuals will be contacted by the organization. To set the stage for the training experience, orientation sessions will be conducted virtually and face to face as soon as training dates have been confirmed.

Campaign Schedule

Meeting Days Time
Sundays 6:15 pm
Mondays Rest Nights
Tuesdays 6:15 pm
Wednesdays 6:15 pm
Thursdays Rest Nights
Fridays 6:15 pm
Saturdays - Morning 9:00 am
Saturdays - Evening 6:15 pm